Why Wait? Procrastinate Now!


August 8, 2012: Volume 3 Issue 32 Edited by Chip Walter and Jen Szymanski

Take a Nano Nap 

Long naps are so passe. Welcome to the new millennium, where mp3 players, smartphones, and now, even your brain, rely on “nano technology.” Ultra short naps can up your alertness and boost your memory. Ready for a nano nap lesson?

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Did you Know? Hangover remedies range from the curious (raw buttermilk) to the bizarre (sniffing gasoline fumes.) Does your “surefire” cure make our list of 91 “guaranteed” hangover remedies?

Sail Away

Every now and then, our Daily Human isn’t human at all. Thor Heyerdahl’s voyage of the Kon-Tiki stands nevertheless as a high point of human achievement – not only in anthropology, but also in marketing. What do you know about the expedition that helped launch the 1950s luau craze?

Tip: Having a bit of a blah day? Add a cheesy horror movie to your Netflix queue. Screaming at a jump scare (or giggling at the terrible special effects) will lift your spirits. Here’s why.

Procrastination Demotivational PosterDeadlines, schmedlines. We should be putting off for tomorrow what we don’t feel like doing today, argue some social scientists. It may seem to be counterintuitive, but procrastination can make our lives better…if you can handle it. So procrastinate now, and …

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