Why Do We Go Bald?

Old ad for a hair regrowing machine

Bald may be “beautiful,” but it doesn’t seem to be very practical. Why hasn’t the gene for male pattern baldness gone extinct? Evolutionary theory states that if a gene makes us less likely to survive or reproduce, it will eventually leave the gene pool. Is baldness here to stay?

 [M]ost [theories] revolve around making some attempt to argue that baldness offers some kind of evolutionary advantage. Some researchers suggests, for instance, that it signals dominance and status, while others suggest that it shows people that they offer maturity, wisdom and nurturance.

So, what do you think? Is bald “beautiful?” Sexy? Attractive? To be gotten rid of at all costs? Or is it that it comes later in life for many men, and by that time their prime reproductive years are over so nobody cares? (That seems harsh.) Share an opinion. Men, how do you feel about losing hair? And ladies, what’s more attractive, a mane, smooth skin, or a combover?

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