Two Ways to Save Your Brain From Sugar

Child looking at brain with a horrified expression.

A recent study reinforces emerging research that the brain can get a kind of diabetes too which kills brain cells, especially in the hippocampus which is essential to creating long term memory. The result can be senility, memory loss and dementia as we age. Diet and/or insulin resistance (which even otherwise healthy people can have) are the culprits.

What can you do about it? Cut back the obvious — sugary drinks, sweets, deserts, refined carbohydrates like most wheat, and careful of pastries and breakfast cereal. If you’re insulin resistant explore adding cinnamon to your diet. It helps control sugar levels. Also speak with your doctor about some supplements like Vitamin B-1, Alpha-lipoic Acid and Green Tea. Studies have shown that all of them can help with insulin resistance which leaves too much destructive sugar free in the brain and body.  Read more…

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