Five Top Dream Themes

girl dreaming white puffy clouds

Naked in public: check. Being chased: check. Falling: check. We’re all so different – yet we share certain “dream themes.”

Whether they’re missing their jeans, sari, anorak, tunic, or sarong, humans around the world admit to having dreamed they’re naked in public. Ditto for being lost, flying, and being visited by the deceased. Can you relate? Psych Central has the scoop on 12 “dream themes” that we share, as well as some analysis on why we dream them.

Here are just five of them. Can you guess what the others are? Let us know in the comments, then check the full article to see if you’re right!

Top 5 Dream Themes:

  1. Being chased or attacked /  being embraced and loved
  2. Getting injured or dying / getting healed or reborn
  3. Having vehicle trouble
  4. Damaged or lost property
  5. Poor or outstanding performance

What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had? Did it include any of these themes, or something way less common? Shout it out on our Facebook page by typing in the comment box below. We love to hear from you!

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