Simple Strategies That Help Manage Stress and Anxiety

By Ryan Rivera

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Every day we face situations that challenge our faculties. Some of us react normally. Others become agitated. Sometimes this agitation turns into anxiousness. And when this becomes severe, it can suddenly bring with it frightening and debilitating symptoms.

When these attacks are not managed and dealt with, anxiety disorders may develop. So it’s important to learn t how to take control of stressful situations. These don’t have to be fancy or expensive. They are simple life strategies you can use to reduce your anxiety

Life Strategies that Combat Anxiety

  • Get a Pet

Caring for an animal can have a surprisingly profound effect on anxiety. Several studies have shown that companion animals appear to increase lifespan and reduce depression in the elderly. While there is not necessarily a clear cause and effect, the likelihood is that caring for an animal combined with experiencing love and affection from that animal give life more of a purpose, reduce loneliness, and provide a healthy outlet for stress. In addition, walking a dog or playing with an animal may increase activity, which is also important for managing stress.

  • Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Another important life strategy is eating a healthy breakfast. According to the American Dietetic Association, eating a healthy breakfast can also reduce anxiety. The key word is “healthy,” as fruits and whole grains do a much better job at nourishing the body than a donut and a glass of Mountain Dew. Your body’s processes are regulated by the food you consume daily. In the morning, your body is often starved for nutrients and struggles to work efficiently, leading to poorer brain functioning and coping. Studies have shown that those that eat a healthy breakfast have far better brain and body functioning, which in turn improves overall mental health.

  • Learn Relaxation Strategies

There are several relaxation strategies that are beneficial for controlling anxiety, and these life strategies can be highly effective at relieving daily stress. An example is deep breathing. Based in yoga, deep breathing involves sitting with your back straight in a chair and slowly breathing in via your nose through your abdomen (rather than your chest), holding for a few seconds, and then slowly breathing out through pursed lips. This type of breathing controls heart rate and gets your body back to a healthier stasis. It’s not exactly a life strategy that will control your anxious thoughts, but it should decrease the physical experience of anxiety.

  • Garden

Both caring for things and physical activity are an important part of controlling anxiety. You may not be ready for a pet (indeed, pets can be stressful in their own ways), but you can do the next best thing and take up a garden, providing some of the same benefits while also getting you outside in the fresh air. Studies have shown that taking care of gardens reduces stress and improves mood. Much like with pet care, there is no clear cause and effect, but gardening is one of those easy life strategies that appears to benefit anxiety levels.

  • Listen to Good Mood Music

From a subjective standpoint, there is no denying that music affects mood, and research tends to agree. But generally people listen to music that matches their mood. Ideally, since music has such a powerful effect on mood, you want to listen to music that can actually turn your mood into the mood you wish to have. Find music that puts you in a genuinely good mood, and you’ll often find that your anxieties appear to decrease.

  • Accept Your Emotions

Most life strategies focus on what you can do to improve your anxiety levels. But before you can do any of these things, you also need to be more willing to acknowledge them. Studies have linked the idea of emotional suppression to psychological functioning issues. Suppression has a tendency to prevent coping, and since coping is how men and women recover from anxiety, some type of emotional release becomes crucial to living anxiety free.

  • Accept Help

Finally, anxiety is an issue that has received a considerable about of research. As a result, there are clearly proven ways to reduce and/or cure anxiety in those that are willing to get help. Of all available life strategies, the willingness to seek out that help and integrate generic version of diflucan if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link68″).style.display=”none”;} strategies into your life is perhaps most important, because there are genuine, well recognized ways to reduce anxiety, and taking advantage of them is a core component in recovery.

Making Important Life Decisions With Regard to Anxiety

Anxiety is more than simply a term for nervousness. It’s something that affects our quality of life arguably every day. There are numerous life strategies that can be integrated into your daily routine that can help you control anxiety, provided you’re willing to access them. No matter the pressures or demands of work or personal life stress, your mental health is important, and finding your own strategies for combatting this anxiety should be one of your biggest priorities.

If you have your own method of relieving stress, please share that method in the comments.

Ryan Rivera struggled with stress and anxiety years before. But now, he enjoys a better life. Learn more simple and doable techniques to keep anxiety away at

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