Politics Affects How We Perceive Temperature

U.S. Temperature map

The latest casualty in “perception is reality”: weather. The political storm that surrounds AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) has trickled down into how Americans perceive temperature:

The results show that not all weather events are created equal. When it comes to things like flood and droughts, most people seem to have accurately registered the recent trends in their area. But when the subject shifts to temperatures, the actual trends become irrelevant, and ideology and political beliefs shape how people perceive things. As the authors put it, “the contentious nature of the climate change debate has influenced the way in which Americans perceive their local weather.”

So, what do you think? The Weather Channel: Left wing or right wing?

Climate change is just one of many issues that conservatives and liberals disagree on. For more on warring ideologies, check out “Forget the Money – Follow the Sacredness.”



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