How Meditation Keeps You and Your Brain Young

silhouette of ma meditating buddha styleScientific studies within recent years have begun to unmask the many ways meditation changes the structure of the brain, improves it’s capacities and slows cerebral aging. Regular mindful meditation for example can strengthen the hippocampus which is crucial to memory, increase the connections within your brain, improve mood and upgrade your working memory (your ability to hold and connect multiple ideas in your mind at the same time).

It also lowers blood pressure and stress, neither of which are good for your brain or body over extended periods of time.

To get started set aside five minutes a day for short “mindful meditation” sessions, and then expand from there. The important thing is to get started. For more on simple meditation techniques that can help, read “The Science of Happiness and Success – Step Four.” Big pay-off, for not very much effort.

To learn more about meditation and its benefits watch this excellent two minute movie at Scientific American.

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