Prehistoric Mating, Love and Sex — Whole Lot of Lovin’ Goin’ On


Two recent discoveries reveal that there was a whole lot more mating, love and sex going on among and within ancient human species than scientists have traditionally thought.

You Think This Cold Snap Is Bad? Try This One On For Size – The World’s Worst Journey

Credit: BRIAN KERSEY/UPI/Newscom

Sure it was frigid this past week from Denver to Bangor, but you’ll feel like storm Ion was perfectly balmy after you read the story of the worst journey in the world made in the Antarctic 100 years ago…

Neanderthals: Why Us and Not Them?


Chip Walter, author of “Last Ape Standing,” describes what we know about the Neanderthal’s day-to-day life and why Homo sapiens were better adapted to survive and thrive in this Wall Street Journal article.

Mating With Neanderthals and Other Joys of Prehistoric Life – Four Creatures You Didn’t Know You Were So Close To


By Chip Walter Recently the Internet was all atwitter after Harvard molecular biologist George Church was quoted in Der Spiegel as having said eventually an “adventurous female human” will be needed to act as a surrogate mother …