The Daily Gratitude Tool – Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

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Molly Walter, my eldest daughter and a young lady wise beyond her years, was looking for a way to keep herself bucked up after beginning her post-graduate career. She’s always been a resourceful soul so she mashed up this simple tool. She calls it The Daily Gratitude for obvious reasons.

It takes just a few minutes to set up and will help anyone who uses it to gently and regularly remind themselves that there is a lot in life every day to be grateful for. We just have to take a few minutes to think about them.

Studies reveal that using a tool like this daily for a month will not only rewire your brain so that it tends to look for the good things in life rather than trouble, but recalling and noting the happier aspects of your life improve your mood which in turn makes you more productive and successful.

Seems a small price to pay.

Here’s the recipe. It’s free and easy…

First, create a Google Form:
2. Select “Create” (upper left corner of the webpage) and then select “Form.”
3. Click “Untitled form” and type a name for your form like “What are you grateful for today?.”
4. At “Question Type” select “Text.”
5. Where the form reads “Question Title” type something like “Thing 1″ (that’s what Molly does), then click the “add item” box below to add another text box, type “Thing 2,” etc. After creating as many fields as you want, Molly recommends also adding a text field that reads, “Anything else?” Just in case you have some fun notes or thoughts you want to add for the day.
6. Now click the blue “Done” button. This completes the creation of the form you’ll be sending yourself. Next..
7. Click on the “Responses” tab at the top of the page (to the left), and choose “Response Destination.” A window will open. Choose “New spreadsheet, “unclick the “Always create a new spreadsheet” check box and then click “Create.” This will generate a master spreadsheet that will provide access to a log of all of your responses every day located at the page. Reading them over from time to time can be a nice way to remind yourself of all of the things you have found good in your life.
6. Finally, click “Send form” at the top right of the page, and copy the information in the “Link to share” field which you will need to set up your daily email reminder (see below).
Set Up Daily Email (this is even easier):
1. Go to and join (it’s free!)
2. Create a recipe
3. Click “this” –> and then click the trigger channel “Date & Time” and click “Activate” and choose your time zone. Follow the screen prompts…
4. Molly choses every day at 11am, but you can set this for whenever works for you.
5. Click “that” –> and choose the trigger channel “Email”
6. Chose “Send me an email” –> Molly types “Daily Gratitude” into the subject line.
7. Then paste link you copied from the “Link to Share field” in the Google form you created earlier into the “Body” field at iftt.
7. Click “Create action!” Then click the CREATE RECIPE button.
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