Cuckoo: Our Relationship With Time

time, watches and clocks

It may not be exactly de rigueur to believe in conspiracy theories, but if you think the world’s out to keep you from feeling rested and alert, then you’re not crazy. Humans don’t have a functional relationship with time, claims Kathryn Schultz:

Among species, we humans are to time what Polish villagers have long been to place: unhappy subjects of multiple competing regimes. The first regime is internal time: the schedule established by our bodies. The second is sun time: the schedule established by light and darkness. These two we share with houseplants and virtually every other living being. But we are also governed by a third regime: social time. That sounds benign enough, like afternoon tea with a friend. But don’t be fooled. Social time is the villain in this drama, out to turn you against health, happiness, nature, sanity, even your own inner self.

Does our culture’s love of the eight hour work day a hazard to both our health and our productivity? And is there anything we can do about it (and still remain employed?) Read on.

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