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Let’s face it, we are an unusual species — startling really, and strange in the extreme. Not that we see ourselves this way. Why would we? Being human, what could be more normal than a human being?

Yet there is no getting around how profoundly different we are from every other species on earth. Two million years ago our direct ancestors amounted to nothing more than a few thousand battered upright walking savanna apes struggling to eke out a living on the plains of Africa.  Today we’ve changed everything, sometimes for bette, sometimes not.

So where did we comes from. Why are we so different? And why do we act and feel and think the things we do every day? What makes us so fascinated with fame and power? How can you live healthfully, happily, successfully? What makes great or failed relationships? How did we come to be the creatures that we are, and where are we headed? And if we understood it all, would there be some way to use that knowledge to live a richer, fuller life?

AllThingsHuman.net is about asking and answering those questions. It’s a place where you can read about or listen to or watch or even share whatever you can imagine about our kind; good and bad, dark and bright. If it’s surprising, thoughtful, engaging, creative, fun or funny — and about us — you’ll find it here. And we believe that by providing it, we can help all of us make each day a little better. Maybe we manage it by providing you something humorous, or startling or practical, but one way or another if it matters to you, helps you, or illuminates your life, we hope to deliver it.

The foundation of AllThingsHuman is first rate science, but not the abstract, disconnected variety. This is science for the rest of us — solid and credible, but also engaging and entertaining. We’ve worked hard (and will keep working hard) to shed light on the endlessly fascinating  nature of our nature and provide insights into what makes us tick from the quirky to the profound, all organized so you can locate what you find interesting quickly and easily. Our goal is to make it a simple matter to satisfy your curiosity. Because you are curious. Your arrival here attests to that.

As you explore, keep in mind, that with the launch of version 3.0 of All Thing Human, you’ll now find original articles, interviews and games that you can’t find anywhere else. Visit each day to find great tips for better living, answer our weekly poll, and pick up a couple of fascinating facts about human behavior that you can throw around on Facebook, Twitter or conversation at the bar or over dinner.

Maybe most importantly, this is also a place where you can share and converse with others about what you’ve read, heard and watched here or, for that matter, anywhere else. We want you to share the insights you have had about what you’ve encountered while exploring ATH, and in your life. We invite you to tell us your personal stories, offer solutions, provide links to articles, video, podcasts and broadcasts you feel others will enjoy; ask tough questions, and let us in on your insights. We’re all ears. Because in our mind the best thing about AllThingsHuman.net is the humans that make it possible.

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Founder and Executive Editor

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